Sprint 6 – Precendent’s Day – Retrospective

Judge, from Ace Attorney


Week of February 19th, 2017


Gotta be honest with you guys: this was a bad week.

I barely got anything done, and wasted too much time doing things of no value. Napped a lot. Was mostly distracted.

Like I said: it was a bad week.

I watch a lot of football. At the end of every loss you can count on at least one reporter asking the coach what they’re going to do differently in the next game. The answer back – like almost all presser answers – is some overwrought cliche about watching ‘the tape’ and learning from their mistakes.

But for especially bad games – like total blowouts, or where the quarterback throws 7 interceptions – they usually say they aren’t even going to bother watching, that it was such a bad performance the reasons why don’t even matter. They say they’re going to “burn the tapes” and start fresh and unburdened.

Tomorrow is the start of a new sprint, I’m going to burn the tape and move on.


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