Pre-Sprint #5: Retrospective

The Lost Week

Week of November 6th


Well. This wasn’t a great week.

Lots of nonsense happened – from sudden manager departures to a very distracting election and much else beyond that.

I’m calling this a lost week. Not necessarily a bad week, but one in which much of my time was spent not working on my games or my business or really much of anything.

Still, I got quite a bit done. I’m really hopeful that this will be the week I finally get into a flow of sharing my thoughts on here and elsewhere, but it’s been over 5 weeks now of absolute failure so why should this be any different? We’ll see.


+ Sold a camera! +$60 in the escape fund

+ May have found an extra $1,000 just “laying around” – fingers crossed it pans out

+ Added the concept of Power Goals – more to come on that in a later post

+ Added simple dog fetching, simple dog snoozing, and some cool stuff regarding zooming

+ Lots of ideas put to paper and then stored safe and sound in TFS


— Distracting election

— Distracting work

— Distracting housework

— Wore a bad pair of socks 🙁





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